Dancer Attendance

Students should arrive 5-10 minutes before class to get their dance attire and shoes on. Regular attendance is imperative to a dancer’s progress. Refunds will not be given for student absences. Attendance will be taken at every class. Dancers are allowed 1 free absence per month, all other absences need to be made-up. Dancers are encouraged to take as many extra classes as they can to improve their dancing with no additional fee.
***A dancer’s presence in class is imperative. Regular attendance builds better technical execution, stage performance qualities and overall confidence. ***Dancers with too many absences too close to recital may be pulled from the performance.
The best way for dancers to learn and polish technique and choreography is to be in class and at rehearsals.

    Snow Day Policy
Dance classes may still be held even if Greenbrier County schools are closed due to inclement weather. An email will be sent by NOON about the status of the day’s classes. Please call the studio phone (304) 279-5225 if you have questions by NOON to see if classes will be held. Dance classes cancelled due to weather will be made up as best as possible.

·                                                            Dance Class Dress and Shoes

 *Dancers should take time and care when dressing for classes. Please note for ALL Ballet classes, hair needs to be in a neat bun. Dancers should refrain from baggy t-shirts, tank tops and jewelry for classes. Dancers are free to wear shorts, ponytails and tank tops for all other classes. Modern/Contemporary dancers do not need tights or shoes.
*Pre-Pointe and Pointe dancers need a BLACK leotard and pink tights for class. No shirts or shorts, please.
Tiny-Tots (Saturday 9:30am): YELLOW leotard, pink tights and pink Ballet shoes. Hair must be neatly pulled back from face in a bun. No jewelry.
Ballet and Tap (Tuesday 4:00-5:00p.m.) PINK leotard.

Primary I (Tuesday 5:00-6:00 p.m.) LAVENDER leotard.
Primary II-III (Tuesday 6:00-7:15 p.m.) LIGHT BLUE leotard.
Intermediate Ballet I (Monday 4:00-5:30 p.m.) CORAL leotard.
Intermediate II (Wednesday 6:00 p.m.) Black leotard.
Advanced Ballet II-III (Wednesday 4:15 p.m.) "Rubies + Emeralds" RED or EMERALD leotard.

ALL Ballet Classes: Wrap skirts may be worn. Hair MUST be neatly pulled back from face in a BUN. Please no long earrings, necklaces or bracelets. Pink tights and ballet shoes need to be worn.

Jazz/Hip-Hop: Leotards/Jazz pants or shorts. Black leather/split sole Jazz shoes. Ponytails are fine.

Modern(Contemporary and Lyrical): Leotards/tights. Warm-up sweaters/pants are acceptable. No shoes. Hair must be neatly pulled back from face in a bun or low ponytail.

Pointe: Black leotard ONLY/Pink Tights. Pointe shoes. Hair MUST be neatly pulled back from face in a BUN. Skirts are fine.

Tap: Any color leotard, black tap shoes. Shorts, pants, tops and dancewear. Hair neatly pulled away from face.

Gentlemen: White t-shirt or fitted shirt with black dance pants and appropriate footwear.

*Class leotards, tights and shoes are available for purchase at the studio.*
**Street clothes are NOT permitted in dance class.
**It is important to look and feel your best when dressing for dance class. When you LOOK like a DANCER, you’ll DANCE LIKE ONE TOO!


 The recital costume deposit will be taken in January. The remaining balance is due upon costume arrival, approximately 10-12 weeks (Mid March). Refunds cannot be given. Unless otherwise stated, costumes are property of the dance family, not the dance studio. Please be sure to keep all costumes and costume accessories organized for shows and performances. We do our best to keep costume costs low. Costumes are usually $50-85 per costume. Again, costumes are purchased and are property of dance families. 

                                     Recital 2023

Our Annual Recital will take place MAY 25th + 26th 2023 at the HISTORIC MASONIC THEATRE in Clifton Forge, VA.

Rehearsals at the Historic Masonic Theatre are mandatory for all dancers participating in recital. More detailed information will be given closer to recital time.

                                                         Please Keep In Mind,

Throughout the year there are several opportunities for the dancers to perform, take classes with guest artists and travel. It is up to you and your dancer to decide if you would like to participate.

*Be sure to check the studio information board (in the lobby) and YOUR EMAIL for studio/class updates and information.  

 *Our Dance Class Season begins September 1st and concludes May 25th/26th with our Spring Recital. When registering for classes, please remember, dancers are registering FOR THIS ENTIRE TIME and with recital participation in mind.

*Attendance is the BEST way for dancers to learn, grow and improve throughout the year. We are serious about training your dancer and their consistent attendance is a must.